Ployprathip International Law Office (PILO)

We are a full-service, international law firm based in Thailand
with strong global connections

“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.”

– T. E. Lawrence

Why Choose PILO?

  • Our Knowledge & Experience: Our senior lawyers have about 20 years of legal experience each working for large international law firms or with large banks and corporations. Since our founding, our legal team has worked with and sometimes against many large international law firms both from Thailand and abroad. As such, we offer comparable levels of legal knowledge, experience and skills as many larger firms.
  • Part of Something Bigger: Our firm is a member of Mackrell International, one of the world’s leading networks of independent law firms as consistently ranked by Chambers. Membership allows us to offer our clients legal services not just in Thailand, but also abroad through other members of the network. Mackrell International gives our clients access to 4,500 lawyers in over 90 member firms and 170 offices in 60 countries around the world providing seamless legal service wherever clients need it.
  • Honesty & Integrity: We value our own reputations greatly, and believe that all clients should expect honest legal advice for one simple reason: it is better for everyone involved. We have turned away potential clients when we feel their cases are weak, or when they would not benefit from our legal services.
  • Personal Attention: Our smaller size allows us to be more approachable & responsive to our clients than our larger competitors.
  • Value Added Focus/Corporate Counsel Sensitive (CCS): We empathize with corporate counsel. So often in-house lawyers are seen as cost centers and typically consulted on a last-minute basis sometimes when legal problems have already emerged. Whenever possible, we advise our clients to adopt a more proactive approach integrating strategic business and legal solutions together at an earlier stage to prevent legal problems from occurring in the first place. We strive to show our clients that lawyers can also create value alongside the sales and operations departments of their businesses. We relish in providing effective, efficient and strategic legal solutions that create long-term value that exceed the expectations of our clients, and not just solve their immediate legal needs. To accomplish this, we endeavor to understand each client’s business, objectives and industry. It is the same attention to detail and level of commitment you expect from another trusted in-house legal adviser.

Meet Our Senior Team Members

Edward Thiravej Ploysongsang


Edward is a corporate and commercial lawyer with expertise in issues affecting a broad range of industries. He combines over twenty years of experience in Thailand with US qualifications to provide workable, legal solutions that create long-term value for businesses and investors.

Manuttsak Khamchay

Senior Associate

Manuttsak works as a senior litigator and legal consultant in our office. With approximately twenty years of experience, his career has exposed him to many areas of Thai law and international business practice.

Professor Yongyudh Ploysongsang

Medical Consultant

Professor Yongyudh has taught clinical medicine for over forty-five years and has been practicing internal, pulmonary and critical care medicine in Thailand, United States and Canada. Due to his expertise he is well versed in the best practices for many specialties.

Dr. Sunantha Srisubut-Ploysongsang

Medical Consultant

Dr. Sunantha has practised and taught radiology as well as radiation therapy for over forty-five years. Having practiced medicine in Thailand, the United States and Canada. She is well versed in best practices for her specialty.


Ployprathip International Law Office is a member of Mackrell International (MI), a network of independent law firms based in London with 90 member firms
located in 170 offices in over 60 countries consisting of over 4,500 lawyers. The MI network offers global expertise and local influence.